German designer brand releases new trend of eyeglasses trend in 2019

This release of the Cematik series invites numerous award-winning British illustrator Owen Davey to design knife manipulation. Design inspiration comes from the legendary Hollywood characters in the dream industry. They have attracted much attention through their unique names, fantastic designs, excellent materials and iconic screw-free hinges.

As an avid film lover, Owen Davey actively explores movies that can inspire him for life, and in ic! The Berlin Cinematik series pays tribute to these films. Owen Davey creates characters and themes according to his personal preferences, trying to capture the essence of these people and give them to each pair of glasses.

With its distinctive creative style, it draws illustrations for 12 pairs of glasses of Cinematik series, highlighting the characteristics of each pair of glasses. The unique design sense and creativity are applied to the design of glasses to play modern and modern. Futuristic elements, as the current fashion, present a more avant-garde texture.

In addition to the Cinematik series, I have to mention the custom fit series designed for Asians. IC! Berlin design team collects data from Asian countries, after six months of research and development and design, designed 12 models for Asians, from style, nose bracket to footwear have been adjusted; at the same time, high-density acid fibers (ACETATE) have been selected to improve durability and gloss; in addition, red and pink are also used in color matching. Less use of color, products more to meet the needs of the Asian market, to provide a more comfortable wearing experience.