Gore launched AR glasses with WaveOptics

At CES 2019, Gore shares the leading edge of smart hardware, showing a number of leading acoustic precision components at this conference, not only that, Gore also launched AR glasses prototype with WaveOptics.

It is reported that Gore has demonstrated the AR glasses prototype cooperated with WaveOptics, a manufacturer of optical waveguides, which has the outstanding features of light lenses, large field of view angle and full-color high-definition display. Earlier in November, 18 years ago, Gore announced a joint production plan with WaveOptics for optical waveguide components and led a $26 million round of financing for WaveOptics.

At the same time, another AR glasses, which has been released by Realmax before, is also shown. The machine is designed in split mode, and the hardware is based on Qualcomm 835 processor, which supports 6DoF positioning and tracking with dual cameras.

In terms of optical components, Gore also brings many VR/AR optical solutions, such as aspheric surface, Fresnel, free-form surface, prism, pancake mirror, grating waveguide and so on.