Rokid announces Rokid Glass updates

On Monday, the Chinese-based startup announced the Aurora project at CES in Las Vegas. New prototype hardware devices are described as extensions to existing interfaces on smartphones, tablets, laptops and game consoles.

The prototype device has a depth camera, 6DoF tracking, SLAM, RGB camera, stereo speaker and USB-C interface. According to Rokid’s statement, the device demonstrates Rokid’s computer vision, AR and AI capabilities.

Rokid also claims that its devices can provide face recognition, object recognition and real-time audio translation (English, Japanese, Spanish, French and Chinese).

In the demonstration of the device, users play a smartphone game while wearing Project Aurora. He uses his hand to control the game on his smartphone and watches the game through his Rokoid smart glasses.

This demo makes the device more like HUD than AR glasses, but given that the device has a depth camera, we may see more AR-focused device demos on CES this week.