LetinAR is developing high-end AR smart glasses technology

LetinAR is a start-up company in Korea, which mainly works on smart AR eyeglasses technology. The company said it will show high-end AR smart eyeglasses technology in CES 2019. Let’s wait and see.

The AR optical system being developed by LetinAR consists of a lens called Pin Mirror (PinMR) and a micro display provided by an external supplier. LetinAR said the AR optical solution will replace the traditional AR optical solution for smart glasses because it has better performance than its competitors. At present, there is no solution to meet the needs of users and experts, and LetinAR PinMR lenses can provide small size, wide field of view, simple manufacturing process and accurate color expression.

LetinAR will present a detailed mechanism in CES and a complete series of PinMR lens modules, including pinMR lenses with diagonal field of view over 80 degrees.

LetinAR’s vision is to address long-standing technical barriers in the AR industry by developing PinMR technology. Jaehyeok Kim, chief executive of LetinAR, said: “Compared with all other AR optical solutions, LetinAR PinMR solutions have excellent star shape. We expect that PinMR lenses will soon replace traditional optical solutions.