Special Mr. Sunglasses

VR and other equipment will not be unfamiliar. For these devices, volume is one of the factors limiting their development. Fortunately, I saw such a product at CES 2019, which is only the size of Oakley sunglasses.

At the International Consumer Electronics Show, the biggest selling point of Nreal’s hybrid reality (MR) glasses is their compact size. Nrea separates the glasses from the processor, places the processor in a backpack, and connects the glasses through a cable on the shoulder. The processor uses the same Snapdragon 845 processor as Android flagship phones such as Google Pixel 3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The whole backpack is the size of a piece of toast bread.

The controller for the eye MR glasses is called Oreo because it is the same size as Olio. Interestingly, Oreo can dock with the backpack, which means that I can hold the controller in my hand, or that the controller can be firmly mounted on the backpack.