Bone conduction audio Sunglasses

This bone conduction audio sunglasses is designed to allow cyclists, runners, hikers, golf enthusiasts, skiers and others to listen to audio and make phone calls while out, while maintaining “environmental voice awareness”. This stereo sunglasses will be a good choice for those events where headphones are prohibited or ear blocking is prohibited.

Revvez is the first Sunglasses with sensors. It can transmit sound through the cartilage behind the ear, providing the best bass response and volume. In addition, the legs of the two-position titanium mirror can be bent, waterproof and sweat-proof (IP55 certification). Each pair also contains three interchangeable silicone rubber nasal pads to ensure a comfortable effect. Revvez also offers five lens options and supports lens swapping.

Its open design keeps the ears open and listens to the audio as well as the outside world. It can last up to 6 hours and support Bluetooth 4.2. It is worth mentioning that dual noise cancellation microphone can eliminate external noise, while enhancing the volume of telephone calls.